Sviluppo prodotti

Product Development

Research & Development

Description: DEVICONCIA is an active partner in the Italian and worldwide Fashion System supply chain. Inspiring the greatest fashion designers trough the refinement of our leather products is, according to tradition, the main goal pursued by the Company.. The Product-Development Department, through a careful analysis of fashion trends, sets the stage for the development of new projects on new leather prototypes creation to give birth to unique collections.

These projects are always shown at the most important fashion events that take place in Milan, Paris and New York and at the affiliated showrooms in the world.

Project start date: 01/01/2001.
 - Research and experimentation of innovative tanning processes;
 - Study and research of the seasonal fashion trends;
 - Development of collections which differ from one another from season to season;
 - Development of color bundles and application techniques.

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