Research & Development

Current projects

Research and Development, two words that identify the starting point of the Company activities compared to the fashion system evolving dynamics. Two words that seem to be inseparable and with no sense the one without the other.

DEVICONCIA gives strong effort to improve the technological innovation in the manufacturing process with the help of a harmonious teamwork that is the basis of the success of its leather collections.

The Company inspires and work for the best Italian Fashion Stylists, interpreting their visions and desires, creating collections and / or personalized articles to realize extremely innovative fashion products.

The Company has always been committed to work according to sustainable development standards by pursuing economic growth with the aim of safeguarding the citizens’ environment and welfare of today and tomorrow.


Project Traceability

Description: Traceability can be technically defined as “the manufacturing-selling path of a product”. The reachability is the reverse process through which you are able to gather the information previously issued. In the first case, the main task is determining which information has to be "traced"; in the latter, the main task [...] read more +

wet white

Wet-White project

Description: The principle that guides the conduct of DEVICONCIA towards the environment and the area where the Company is based has always been the respect for nature. In line with this principle, since the beginning, the Company has been adopting an environmental management policy which implements the [...] read more +

product development

Product Development

Description: DEVICONCIA is an active partner in the Italian and worldwide Fashion System supply chain. Inspiring the greatest fashion designers trough the refinement of our leather products is, according to tradition, the main goal pursued by the Company. The Product-Development Department, through a [...] read more +