For a continuous management improvement, an organizational unit monitors and implements the management of the tannery in the different manufacturing phases from the raw material acquisition to the sale of the end product.
The core business is to provide best quality preserving the environment, in order to improve the Company competitiveness on the national and international market.

The commitments undertaken by the management are to fulfill the following objectives:
- Full Customer Satisfaction: by the interpretation of customers wishes on customizing products, on time delivery, being flexible towards customer needs, providing clear and transparent information always trying to satisfy the customer expectations with the aim of creating a confidence relationship between the parts;
- Achieving superior environmental performance, by going beyond mere compliance with national and international regulations, in order to minimize any possible negative environmental impacts connected to the operations and activities normally carried out, safeguarding the land where the Company operates.

It is an unavoidable commitment making a responsible use of natural resources, especially those that are non-renewable, by favoring - as much as possible- the conservation and optimization of the water and the energy resources use.
Particular attention is paid to a proper waste management through the analysis of potential environmental impacts from the designing phase to the production one.

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