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Description: Traceability can be technically defined as “the manufacturing-selling path of a product”. The reachability is the reverse process through which you are able to gather the information previously issued. In the first case, the main task is determining which information has to be "traced"; in the latter, the main task is to highlight the technical instrument best suited to track down these "traces."

We differentiate two kinds of traceability:
- Internal Traceability: is implemented through a series of internal procedures that allow you to know the origin of the skins, getting all the information needed (from the transformations of each lot to the business one associated to documentary movements);
- Supply chain traceability: t is an inter-company process which results from the combination of internal traceability processes, joined by communication flows. The realization of the internal traceability system is a prerequisite without which there can be no supply chain traceability. The supply chain traceability is a process ungovernable by a single body but based on constant relations between operators.

Project start date: 01/01/2015.

- Supply Chain Traceability: providing customer service tools able to give information about the origin of the leather and the lot amenability, the carried out tanning processes, the chemical agents used in the different processing steps;;
- Internal Traceability: implementing a check on the Company's internal processes phases, storing processing information, analyzing data to verify costs and yields, providing a fast reply to customer giving specified information on the order status..

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