wet white


Research & Development

Description: The principle that guides the conduct of DEVICONCIA towards the environment and the area where the Company is based has always been the respect for nature. In line with this principle, since the beginning, the Company has been adopting an environmental management policy which implements the technological innovation in the tanning processes.

Nowadays, due to the attention of the fashion industry on the respect of the production that meets the environmental management standards, the tanning industry focuses its attention on consumer need of being aware of quality and genuineness of the end product.

For this reason, the Company is committed to find a tanning technique which might eliminate the use of chrome. We believe that the innovation and sustainability, coupled with quality and respect for the tanning tradition, are the keys for the success in the leather field.

Project start date: 01/01/2015.

- 100% Metal free: defines a totally leather free of heavy metals and 100% biodegradable;
- Quality:: softness, durability and naturalness are the main features of this leather, due to the wet white tanning process.

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